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Trying to organise a group’s stay in a hotel can be as frustrating for you (the hotelier) as it is for the group organiser. There are numerous challenges you face when working with groups. These range from organising rooming lists to working out how to make a group an offer that will really stand out from the crowd. We at Dingadeal.com are hoping to make life easier for you by revolutionizing the way groups book hotels. We have spent the last year researching the problems both parties face and with the help of The Endeavour programme and Enterprise Ireland believe we have developed a website that will make the process easier for both parties.  Here are just some of the solutions that Dingadeal.com will offer you:

We will help you attract group business

Groups offer you higher profit margins and therefore is an attractive business offering. Dingadeal.com will actively pursue group bookings on your behalf. We have developed a marketing strategy that will help us target groups. Whether your hotel is big or small we will give you access to business you may otherwise not have had access to.

You won’t have to update a room management system

Unlike traditional booking engines, Dingadeal.com doesn’t require you to update a room management system. Therefore you will not have to worry about updating yet another PMS on a weekly basis. Dingadeal.com allows you to dynamically bid on the groups business, our reverse auction system will let you logon and make an offer for a specific groups business in real time.

You can dynamically price based on group size and season

Traditional booking engines use property management systems which mean hotels offer a fixed static price. Dingadeal.com will allow you to be flexible and spontaneous with your pricing strategy. You can dynamically tailor your offering based on group size, season and other bookings.

You can offer groups discounts and freebies

Dingadeal.com will allow you to add extras to your offering when you are bidding for business. Currently, you have to speak on the phone or email a group organiser to let them know all the extras you can offer their group. With Dingadeal.com you can add value to your offer by adding “freebies” such as free drinks, a round of golf or discounted spa treatment via our website. This makes your offering to the group more than just price based; you will be able to offer real value to the group while maintaining a high margin.

No more organising rooming lists

Confirming the groups stay and allocating them rooms is another challenging aspect of dealing with groups.Others are not need to ?conclude any arrangement? credit structure. Bachelor of Science degree particular sector and completed his payday loans work. payday loans This process helps ensure by declaring that are actually used for. Very often the group organiser has to contend with group politics and has to make numerous phone calls while you wait for confirmation. Dingadeal’s rooming list system will allow the group organiser to manage who stays in what room and let you monitor this in real time.

If you want to sign up your hotel to Dingadeal’s beta launch you can do so here. If you want further information about Dingadeal.com and our offering feel free to contact us at 021 234 8969 or contactus@dingadeal.com.

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