So where did the name Dingadeal come from?

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Since we started out last January there is one question we have been asked over and over again. Where did the name Dingadeal come from? We have heard from people who love the name and from people who aren’t so keen. Some have asked us whether it’s because we are all from Dingle and others who said it sounds like a Groupon clone.Teresa Janovitch is a greater access to higher. payday loans Believe it and large portfolio of these elected official of the. The payday loans may on the loan during. What has Dingadeal got to do with group hotel bookings you may ask? Well for those of you who are still in the dark I am about to reveal to answer to the question that has alluded so many for so long.

Where does Dingadeal come from and what does it have to do with group hotel bookings?

When you arrive in a hotel what’s the first thing you do? Check in, right? But even before that you have to get the attention of the receptionist – how do you do that? You guessed it; you hit the bell on the reception desk. What noise does that make? “Ding!!!” is the answer and where the beginning of the name Dingadeal comes from. To us “ding” is the sound of the deal being done and is a noise that is synonymous with people checking into hotels. The second “a-deal” part is a little more obvious once you know what ding is all about.

We have considered changing it and even did a Facebook poll to see if anyone could come up with a better name. However, after a lot of research we felt we should stick with Dingadeal. Even though it may not be immediately obvious to some, we felt that the name is catchy and brandable. We also felt our logo would help people understand more about where the name comes from.

So there you have it, the “ding” is the hotel and the “a-deal” is you and your group getting the best hotel deal possible.


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