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Lisa recently got a great deal for her group of 13 using Dingadeal. They chose Killarney as their destination.  From the proposal they submitted to Dingadeal they had 5 hotels bid for their business with each hotel adding at least 1 extra(e.g free dinner) into the deal.

In the end Lisa and her group chose the winning hotel due to the extras that the hotel offered the group – not only did they get 10% off the normal room rate but also got dinner, breakfast and use of a function room included in the overall price.

Dingadeal organises hotel accommodation for groups of 8 or more, we contact hotels on your behalf and invite them to make offers for your group’s business. Get the inside on Killarney from Lisa and her group below.

The Hen party in Killarney

What city did you and your group go to and why?

We went to Killarney, Co Kerry. We were there for my friend Chiara’s Hen Party.

Why did you choose Killarney?

We chose Killarney for the hen because it is great fun to go out there and it is close to where all the girls that were attending the hen live.

Did you eat out? Where did you go and how was the food?

We decided to eat in the hotel. We stayed in the Killarney Royal and the food was fantastic. I would highly recommend eating there.  As part of the Dingadeal offer, dinner and breakfast at the hotel were included.

Did you do any activities during your stay? E.g Cocktail making classes,  paintball. Did you enjoy them? Were they good value for money?

We did a dance class. We got Debbie Driscoll, a local dance teacher to come to the hotel and teach us a dance to a song that we can use at the wedding. It was great fun and it was really good value.

Did you go to any nightclubs or pubs? Where did you go and was it enjoyable?

We went to a couple of pubs and then a nightclub. It was all great fun. We went to the Kube late bar and then to the nightclub attached to it.

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No. We stayed in a great hotel with great food and the staff were very accommodating. It was all good value for money. We had a great time at the dance class also. I would highly recommend what we did for the hen and where we stayed!

Any recommendations for people planning a stag or hen to Killarney?

Killarney is known for hens and stags and there is a great atmosphere there for a party like that. There were about 5 other hens there the night we were there so I would definitely recommend Killarney as a place to have a hen or stag.

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