Stag party uses Dingadeal to get a great deal in Cork

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Eoin used Dingadeal to book his group of 21 that travelled to Cork for a stag party. They got bids from 4 hotels all of which included at least 2 extras.

The winning bid included a free dinner, nightclub passes and an 8% discount.

Dingadeal organises hotel accommodation for groups of 8 or more, we contact hotels on your behalf and invite them to make offers for your group’s business. Get the inside on Cork as a Stag destination from Eoin and his group below.

What city did you and your group go to?

We chose Cork as the destination for the stag party.

Why did you choose Cork?

We chose Cork as it is close to my home town Killarney. We are also all familiar with Cork so we knew our way around the city centre and what were the best nightclubs, pubs and restaurants.

Did you eat out? Where did you go and how was the food?

We ate one of the nights, but the hotel fed us on the second night. We ate in Wagamama in the city centre. It was ideal as it is near all the best nightclubs and pubs. The food was good and reasonably priced.

Did you do any activities during your stay? E.g. Soccer, paintball. Did you enjoy them? Were they good value for money?

Yes, we went to the dog track on the Friday night in Bishopstown. I am not a huge fan of horse or dog racing myself, but I really enjoyed the experience. I think we all had a great laugh there.

Did you go to any nightclubs or pubs? Where did you go and was it enjoyable?

We went on a bit of a bar crawl on the Saturday night from one end of Oliver Plunkett street to the other. We ended up in Reardens and we went upstairs to Havana Browns after that. Needless to say it was a good night and went on to all hours.

If you were to plan the trip again would you change anything?

Maybe we would have taken it easier on the Friday night so we could have actually done something on the Saturday. All in all, I think we couldn’t have asked for much better from the deal we got. Everyone enjoyed themselves and Cork as a location was great.

Do you have any advice for people planning a stag or hen to Cork?

Cork is a great city for a Stag or Hen. I would recommend choosing one area to stick to. A few of the lads went missing a long Oliver Plunkett’s street and we didn’t see them for the night. Maybe choose Washington street area as your base and agree a night club that you will meet up in at the end of the night.

Are you booking a stag or hen soon? Use to get you and your group a great deal!

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